Six-Word Saturday 05/05/2012

Already this week is gone — how much faster can time get?  Today is the day for

Six-Word Saturday

Six Word Satuday from Show My Face.

Six-Word Saturday is exactly what it sounds like — a group of six words about my life, and an exercise in the importance of editing.

My six words for today are:

Write My Words Like They Matter


6 responses to “Six-Word Saturday 05/05/2012

  1. Great Six Words. Powerful but gentle reminder for us all. Thanks girlfriend. I write my 77 yr old aunt about twice a month. I am making everyone matter greatly from here on out.

    • I can’t even imagine you allowing someone to feel like they don’t matter. The two of you are very lucky to have this connection! I’m sure your aunt enjoys it — I value my connection with you! 😎

      • Oh Judith I so value our friendship. One of my first here at WP. You welcomed me with open arms and have such a source of support and encouragement. I treasure you.

        I adore my aunt, my mom’s onlly still living relative. My moms only sibling. Just as I had two daughters so did my grandmother. I always have felt such a strong connection because of that as well. For those of us who have family & friends we love and cherish its an important factor that we let them know just how important and valued they are to us.

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