How we participate in the outcome of The Law of Attraction.

(N.B.  I am terribly embarrassed to say that I cannot remember who requested this post of me.  I have difficulty believing that my memory has gotten so bad.  I know it was one of my readers, so hopefully you will see this.  Feel free to reblog, or not, as you wish.)

According to Abraham-Hicks, the Universe is aware of each of us, and how we are facing our lives.  The Universe will step in and give us what we want.  The Universe wants us to have a joyful life.

I was not encouraged to thrive, to develop spiritual belief, or to find confidence in myself, as a child.  I did well in school, because that was expected of me.  At age fourteen my physical self failed me; I was found to be diabetic.  So I failed at thriving physically, through no fault of my own; I had no concept of the idea of thriving spiritually or emotionally.  All I had left was doing well in school — no other self-worth.

This is where Abraham’s lesson comes in.  As pertains to the law of attraction, I was sad, angry, puzzled, frightened, felt like a failure, so I drew more of those feelings to myself.  We all can be exactly who and what we choose; all we need do is attune ourselves to the vibration of what it is we want to accomplish.  The Universe will do the rest.  What we ask for becomes a vibration that pours out from us.  So if we are happy, and we concentrate on retaining happiness, we receive more of that joyful vibration in our lives; likewise, if we are vibrating anger, or depression, or fright, each one of those vibrations becomes a part of who we are.  We build our lives by living our lives, and sending out vibrations to the Universe.

I remember when I was in seminary, in 1988 to 1990, a phrase became very common.  I believe it originated in the military a long time ago — I cannot trace its roots even on the web.  In fact, I have not found many sites at all that present it as a positive action.  It’s Fake it ’til you make it.  That is the way to begin to change the vibrations in your life, which will, in turn, change what you receive from the Universe.  If you have lost a leg, and someone says Fake it ’til you make it, they likely mean think you can walk, believe that you can walk, and eventually, with help, you will walk.  In the meantime, every positive thought you have about yourself, no matter how small, will be attracting more positive vibrations all the time.

And if you don’t think you can fake it, try this:  When you awaken in the morning, you likely have a routine you complete, (shower, bath, brush teeth, shave, do makeup, fix hair, get dressed, whatever.)  Think about those activities at which you’ve succeeded.  I can remember a time, less that five years ago, when the very best thing I could say about myself was Good job taking a shower.  Or you remembered to brush your teeth today.  Way to go!)

If you can start with one tiny positive reaction to something you’ve done, you will begin to draw positive vibrations.  They will likely seem small at first, but as your vibrations grow, so grows the vibrations the Universe returns to you.  Remember every morning to give yourself that little pat on the back — before you know it, this morning ritual will include standing in front of the mirror and saying something like You did your whole morning routine today.  Great job!

This is only one example.  You can do this with any activity, any task — tell yourself that you have done something well.  You will have started down the road of the Law of Attraction in a new, more positive way.  It isn’t easy, but you can do it, and each day you’ll be a tiny bit stronger.

Positive thoughts about yourself can be combined with notes around the house which remind you to think about one thing positively.  You might write You are loved.  Every time you walk by that little tiny billboard you’ve given yourself, you will think, even if only for a second, that love is present in your life, and that you need to remind you not to forget that.  Later notes may read Don’t sweat the small stuff, or Remember that you like your job.  As you repeat these messages to yourself, you can decide on which areas of your life you wish to accomplish change.

The Law of Attraction is really very simple:  You get what you ask for, and you ask for more of the same kind of emotions to which you already vibrate.  When you change the focus of your vibration, you are asking the Universe to change what it gives back to you.  And this entire process is in the hands of each person who wants their life to change. Are you one of those people?



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    • Thank you, eva. I write these posts, sometimes, almost without consciousness — These are ideas I’ve been tossing around for years in my head. I’m so glad you’re getting something out of them! 😎

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