My friend, Mel

My Friend, Mel

Now comes the time we join and honor Mel.

A truer man I’m sure I’ve never known.

His personality, his life, his own.

So very human stories he would tell.

Mel had the heart of Mainer men his age;

Of kindness, but with sense and smarts all through .

He knew traditions, always loved them, too.

An avid group of listeners he’d engage

An audience of twenty-nine, or three.

With tales of acquisitions, he’d regale

His listeners with long and funny tales.

Finding treasures in other men’s debris

He’d made his lifetime seem that of a man

Whose happiness depended not upon

The same winds blowing ’round, both here and yon,

Which captured normal lives in grasping hands.

His life, a quiet treasure we’ll recall

When he’s remembered.  He’ll be missed by all.


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