The WordPress Dissatisfaction Rag

The WordPress Dissatisfaction Rag

I have a beef with WordPress.  I’d really like to know

What makes them think I want to read all comments? If I’d do so,

I’m quite thoroughly capable of saying so. I can

Choose on my own.  I do not need your default “helping hand.”

And furthermore, I question why you cannot quite believe

That I can tick the box myself, choose comments I receive.

This “ticking box” encroachment is one more unwelcome change

To affect my list of contacts; that list, I can arrange.

So now a different dialect than normally I’d choose.

Untick that box, you assholes. I certainly refuse

To give a shit whose comment I should read.  I’ll not be led;

Use not manipulation.  I will select, instead.

I’ve found my own capacity: deciding by my picks

If I desire that “ticking” box, you manipulative pricks.


11 responses to “The WordPress Dissatisfaction Rag

    • Roly, at, gave me this idea: Instead of “I’d love to hear your comments,” or “please leave a comment,” Type in “Don’t forget to tick the box if you don’t want followup comments.” Maybe if enough people do this, WP will get the point!

  1. Spot on. Who in their right mind would ask for this as a default? Email fills fast enough as it is, and if you comment on a blog that gets lots of comment traffic they just keep coming and coming… argh. There must be something in the widgets I can use to over-ride this nonsense!

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