Last Week I Learned….

I learned last week and yesterday/today that I am going to have to take one day/week completely away from the computer.  My legs are swell wildly, again, and now I have edema-related water blisters on my knees.  And this is after getting out at 7:00 this morning and walking.

I have plenty of time on other days, so I’ll try to pre-post for that day.  Thanks for your patience, everybody.  And, WATCH OUT!  I’ll have had 24 hours to think about what I want to write the next day!  😎


12 responses to “Last Week I Learned….

  1. Ouch, sounds painful. Rest and more rest with elevated legs and meds will do the trick over time 🙂 Stay strong

  2. I assume you are spending your time in some leg elevated position or traveling to and from the restroom as a result of diuretics. Hope the water retention is resolved soon. Sending you get well wishes

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