Casting and Releasing Spells

Today I have a small confession:  I have drawn this particular Four Agreements card several times, but I always stick it back in the deck, and draw again.  The Four Agreements come from Don Miguel Ruiz, and

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

they are:

  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
  2. Don’t Make Assumptions
  3. Don’t Take Anything Personally
  4. Always Do Your Best

Today’s card comes from the first Agreement, Be Impeccable With Your Word.  The card says:

Become a White Magician

Become a White Magician

All the magic you possess is based on your word, and you cast spells all the time with your opinions.  You can either put a spell on someone with your word, or you can release someone from a spell.

Funny, I don’t usually think much about being a magician; I have long understood the power that words hold.  I have seen the words and spells that are so often cast upon the world.  And I have been on the receiving end of words which cast, and which release spells.  In fact, I’ve used my own inner voice to cast a spell on myself, over and over.

The way to go, as I see it, is to be intentional with our impeccable language, to choose what words we use, knowing that those words have such enormous potential power.  By being sure of our intent, and by being impeccable with everything we say, we make decisions about the effect we want our words to have.

And I’m not talking about assumptions, or attempts to overpower people with words.  Even the kindest word could cast a spell; something as simple as, “You’re bigger than all the other women,” or “I just hate it when you cry.”  Being aware of the words we speak to others helps us to avoid casting spells on those around us.

Releasing someone from a spell is no easier, unless the person is ready to be released. That caveat is really the whole thing.  No one can change unless they want to change.  This, too, applies to the messages we tell ourselves. But the trick is not to withhold your words of encouragement, even though nothing seems to be having any effect.  I remember, on that day I decided to be happy, all of the hundreds of important lessons I’d been hearing for years came together and finally made sense.

Casting or releasing spells on ourselves is even easier than affecting others, because we have a flood of self-talk running through our minds all the time, and we believe our self-talk more than anything anyone else might say.  So, the thing to do is to begin to monitor our own self-talk; to give ourselves a fighting chance of catching the good end of the spells we cast on ourselves.

No one needs to cast spells.  All we have to do is forget to be impeccable, to be precise with our word, and the intent behind it, and we have cast a spell on ourselves, or someone else.  The answer then, is to remember to strive for impeccability in all we say, and watch the white magic begin.


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