From me, or not from me

I got my inspiration today from Neale Donald Walsch, whose website is entitled Conversations with God.  I receive daily messages from Neale, which always begin with On this day of your life, Judith, I believe God wants you to know:  Here’s today’s message:

 that good things await you on the other side of this

ridge. This is a hill you can climb. Just put one foot in

front of the other.

If you feel a little discouraged right now, that’s okay,

that’s understandable. But give yourself permission

to journey on. Keep moving.

There is a positive result here.

Now, I’d really like to know how he knew that today I needed to hear exactly that. I know Neale would say that God told him; or maybe not.  I am not clear on who claims to be in charge of these daily messages — God or Neale.  I am not following that particular question today.  I only know that the message is the right one, at the right time.

I’ve run into a wall of sorts, in my writing.  That I can’t write is not the problem; that I can’t write my own stuff is.  I’m sure all writers experience this sort of difficulty:  Writing is still easy, and I take up important topics.  But, far more emphasis, for me at least, falls on the fact that I bring in posts and post ideas from other people.  These just aren’t my stories.

Not that I don’t care about the issues I publish each day — I do!  But I feel like my writing isn’t complete without a story from my life, or from the life of someone I know, or at least have heard of.  For me, my best writing springs from these stories, and when I post on other topics, I get caught up in my own stiffness of language, which only comes out when I am explaining something to someone else, about which I know almost nothing at all.

“The current crisis in America’s, and the world’s climate is not a crisis over whether or not it is happening…”

Blech!  Instead:

People who live near the water, and that includes me and most of my family, will have to move inland, eventually, as the waters continue to rise.  And that’s true, no matter what, or who, is causing the rise.

Now, that sounds like me.  And I lose track of that essential me when I have this kind of writer’s block.

I know I’ll get back to my own style.  I am not asking for forgiveness, or for permission; I know what is going on, and for everyone’s sake, I want me back as soon as I discover where I am.  And I hope that happens soon!


3 responses to “From me, or not from me

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  2. I keep asking myself, “is there something in the air?”
    I am struggling too – trying once again to find that voice that comforts me when the words come out as I feel, not as I think I should feel.

    We;ll get there sweetie. ~ Its kind of nice to know I am not alone although I hate that you are struggling too.

    • I don’t want to see you struggle either, but isn’t it oddly great that we are struggling with the same thing! Again! I think you were right in your other comment — spring is here, and summer not far away. Distractions abound!

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