A Sonnet to White Tulips

 White Tulips

Sweet tulips come to live upon my desk

White Tulips

For a short while, to stand among the greens.

The cobalt vase, the white, the green, all seem

To catch the sunlight, dancing its burlesque.

There with you the red foliage stands erect,

And grasses, long and rough as swords at rest

Around you bow down to your flowery best.

They share your vase, and there they you protect.

‘Til morning once again the sun looks down

Upon you, just to watch your glory wilt

Your oh-so-lovely proud stems start to tilt

Petals begin to shrivel, turning brown.

The joy you brought to my days made me smile;

You didn’t live long, but you had great style.


6 responses to “A Sonnet to White Tulips

    • You are most welcome, my friend. I wish they were like dahlias, or daisies — something that bloomed longer in the summer. But then they wouldn’t be so precious. 😎

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