Today I’m Grateful For… (05/12/12)

(N.B.: This is a very long post, about my family in all their various combinations.  I hope some of you will read through it, but if you choose not to, please don’t think I’d be disappointed — I’m writing for me!)

Today, I’m grateful for so much, but today, I concentrate on my family, whom I love.

I love my Mom, with whom I continue to share a growing sense of fun; it’s as though we’ve crossed our Rubicon, and found to our surprise that, rather than a point of no return, ours was a point of no return to the rotten old way of living!  And that is something for which I am abundantly grateful!  I love you very much, Mom, and happy Mother’s Day! xoxoxo

I am thankful and proud of my father, who throughout his life has served his country in the Air Force, and who has participated in many charitable and civic projects and organizations.  And I’m very glad he found Priscilla, my step-mom, whom he loves very much.  I may disagree with my father on many issues, but the two of them are so like-minded, I would say they are close to the perfect couple.  She will help him, and he help her, to stay on the healthy path they’ve chosen, and to dance at my 75th birthday, (holding you to that, Dad and Pris!) I hope this Mother’s Day is joyous!  Lots of love!

In an unusual turn of events, I was able to see or talk on the phone with four of my sisters this week — what a treat that was!  Sister S. is making jewelry, and making other adjustments to her already well-working outlook on life.  S. has been my guide, and my teacher, as well as my sister and best friend.  I couldn’t have been luckier.  S.’s husband, B., has just returned home from a visit with his folks and family up here in Maine.  I wish I’d thought, B. — I would have scheduled a coffee, or something.  Their three children are “grown and gone.” B., the oldest is married, as is E.,the second child.  She has a lovely son, Sister S.’ first grandchild and the most beautiful 1-year-old in the history of humanity!  Son J. works, last I knew, in Trump Tower in Chicago.  He graduated from Lake Forest University, outside of Chicago.  He is happy with his job, and in love, or at least last I knew. All the M.s have been wonderful to me, taking me in and letting me sit in my depression after the heart surgery.  Sister S. got me walking, though.  Thanks and love to all the Ms.

Sister J. is helping her only daughter, MV, to prepare for her Senior Prom!  Sensing the oncoming empty nest possibilities, J. and her husband M. are throwing a barbecue and fire-pit party for the parents of MV’s group of friends .  M. works for NOAA, and both of them have taken the time needed to transport MV to ballet, since she was 2-years-old.  She is extraordinary!  J. and M. have carved out a lovely, happy life in southern California, and I’m thankful to have them all in my world.  And MV will be starting her summer job at Sea World in San Diego — she is going to shine in that work!  Hooray for the L. family!

My sister DB, the older of the twins, I got to see yesterday — that is a big deal because, though we live the closest to each other, DB is a dedicated worker and advocate for numerous groups and organizations; most, though I don’t think  all of them, are dedicated to the greening of our planet.  And the neatest thing is, DB has vegetable gardens filling her entire backyard, and halfway around the front, interspersed with strawberries and lovely flowers.  She and her daughter(s) , L. and E,. (one lives about 35 miles away,) will feed themselves over the winter, almost exclusively from that garden.  L is attending college in the big city, and is comfortable and happy on her own!  E is a Junior (is that right?) this year.  I’ve seen her in a couple of plays, both of which were outstanding.  She will be traveling to Europe this summer, an experience I know she’ll cherish.  Way to go,(B) Atwoods!

If my calculations are correct, my sister DC, the other twin, is just finishing teaching her fifth year of high school history.  She came a little later than some to teaching, but she has caught up and surpassed them.  She ensures that her students can write a paper before they leave for college, including punctuation, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, (all of which we learned by age 10.)  Her husband, C., is a draftsman or engineer, I think(?), for a large supermarket chain here in Maine, and the four of them just completed a huge, beautiful remodel on their home.  DC is sending her older daughter, beautiful K., the volleyball star, off to college soon.   She will shine there, I know.  And DC’s younger daughter is the K., of whom I spoke in Time for Tea.  A lovely, amazing young woman, and a teen already, though I remember her as a babe-in-arms.  All appears to be well in the Atwood/M. household — Yay!

I’ve not been in direct contact with sister M. and brother M., but I see from Facebook that they are both well and happy.  M and N., have faced serious and complicated issues for years, but N. seems to be on top of it, and managing himself.  He’s enjoying  (I don’t remember, I think he’s 14) middle school, and on his way to high school next year.  (M and N, if I have the dates or ages wrong, please let me know, and I’ll edit this post.)  M is a busy executive in a large insurance company, and she is very successful.  She has made a terrific life for herself, and N. My love to you, M.A. and N.W!

My brother M. and his wife L live in Minnesota, so I don’t see them often, but thanks to FB, I can keep up.  M and L have two beautiful daughters: C, who graduated high school with half an Associates (I hope it isn’t supposed to be Bachelors, But if it is, I’m very sorry, C;) and a very handsome son, S.  He and Caitlin are graduating this year, I’m pretty sure.  We’ve not had much contact, but whenever I speak with or see any of Mark’s family, I am happy down in my bones.  Another perfect couple!  My love to you all, Minnesota Atwoods!

This is a way long post.  Thanks to any of you who read this far.  Any who didn’t, that’s fine too, because I wrote it mostly for me.  I love you all, guys.  Happy Mother’s Day greetings all the way around.


11 responses to “Today I’m Grateful For… (05/12/12)

    • Yes, having sisters now is wonderful; we’re all in our 40s and 50s. But when we were kids — lots of ganging up, loyalty shifting — stuff junior-high-age girls do.

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  1. Youhave an amazing family Judith! So many different personalities and passions from the same family is so cool. The dynamics at a family reunion would be fascinating to write about. Even a fable created out of it would happen I think. And I mean with all the kindness and mindfullness that you have been practicing of late.
    Knowing this about you, having more of your background sets a place of admoration even higher in my caste than before. If that makes any sense.

    I have two brothers, one older, one younger. Our older brother is 8 years older than I, 12 oder than my baby bro. I adore these two men in my life, yet its fascinating the differences we have/ Both good and bad makes us who we are. You are brilliant in realizing this – being accepting is the real sign of wisdom. And maturity. I think. (Your posts always prompt me to think)

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  3. Thanks, Judith. Minor correction is needed — Sean is my son and the twin of his sister Caitlin. I appreciate the kind thoughts for me and my family.

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