When I miss my meds,

I lose perspective.  I’m stuck

In sadness too deep.


Then I remember

To check, and find redemption

Through this chemistry.


Not the way I’d choose

To live my life.  No, merely

The way life lives me.


2 responses to “Chemistry

  1. When my friend forgets her meds she loses her perspective, I her friend lose her time. I lose the incredible thoughts she usually tends to share that help guide, support, and strengthens me.

    When my friend forgets her meds I worry about her because I don’t know its because she forgot her meds, I just know she is missing. Now I’ll know to gently remind, living through chemistry is not our choice but it is our string that helps tie up all those lose ends.

    I wish I could write like my friend, a poem would have fit here perfectly for my comment~

    My heart is hugging you tight my friend!

    • Thank you, dear Toni, and please believe that I will appreciate you asking, even if I haven’t forgotten them. I can feel your loving hug, and I’m hugging you right back! 😎

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