Driving Through a Spring Afternoon with Mom

Mom and I had a lovely afternoon.  We went in search of some seedlings for her back deck, and found most of what we sought.  We also rode through the area, including down near the ocean,

Harpswell coast

with the windows wide open, so we could smell the salt air and the seaweed and the mud and the water, altogether that lovely coastal smell we have here in Maine.

Once again, I have to say how grateful I am that I got myself straightened out enough to enjoy Mom’s company, and for her to enjoy mine.  We always laugh, and often think very nearly the same thoughts at the same time.  My similarity to Mom, which for years was at the root of our disharmony, has finally become a starting point for us, from which we compare and explore our lives and the world around us.  This is reason for great celebration!

We found seedlings:  Portulaca,

Portulaca grandiflora

which I remember from childhood in California; Icelandic Poppies, in red and orange and yellow — lovely; Nasturtiums, which had been outside in the wind a loooooonggggg time; and a flower I’d never heard of — supertunias, a special breed of petunia which, Mom said, grows like a weed and doesn’t need much care.

While we were in the greenhouse, I drooled, as usual, over house-trees,

One kind of House-tree,
the potted palm

potted and standing about four feet tall.  This is something I have wanted for many, many years, ever since I left my ficus

ficus tree

with my ex.  One of these days, I’ll find something perfect for this room.  Until then, I dream a lot!

The weather could not have been better for a drive near the coast today — warm, breezy but not windy, sunshine, and not a cloud in the sky.  What a lovely way to spend such a beautiful spring day.

Spring in Maine

Thanks, Mom!  I had a blast!


2 responses to “Driving Through a Spring Afternoon with Mom

  1. How beautiful Maine must be in the spring. It’s on my bucket list to visit your state by passenger train during the Fall. I understand from I have been told that it’s a lot like Portland Oregon area.

    I recall the times my mom and I had together finally being able to just be adult women in the same room.- laughing, playing, being like girlfriends but one who was owed a bit more respect. We did a regular Sunday afternoon thing of shopping just for fun, and for passion. Then a good meal together, just her & I, Out. Never in where one of us would need to clean up after. Being waited on that one day a week was something you could tell my mom felt she had finally come to her due.She was always so old fashioned.

    Thanks once again Judith dear for the trip down memory lane.

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