My Gratitude List (05/19/2012)

I am thinking this evening about gratitude, and the myriad assemblage of events, people, and areas of my life for which I am thankful.

As always, I am thankful for my family.  In spite of past issues, I feel very satisfied that, before I was born, I chose to live in this family.  And I’m thankful that I feel that way, as I didn’t always.

I am immensely grateful for my home here in Maine.  Maine is a beautiful place throughout the year, but spring this year seems especially lovely.  Perhaps I am looking around myself with new eyes.  Regardless of the reason, every bit of awakening green makes me more joyful — I am happy I lived long enough to appreciate a spring like this.

I am grateful for Western medicine for keeping me alive, and relatively sane.  I am grateful for Eastern philosophy for the peace of mind and heart I draw every day.  I am thankful even for my years spent with the Methodist Church — they really helped me hone and understand where I belong in the faith spectrum.  I am grateful for the teachers the Universe places in my path, and I am particularly thankful that, even when I don’t get the message, I hear the concepts, and I am framing an understanding in my mind and spirit that only needs the right catalyst.

I am happily celebrating all these things, and many more; gifts I receive, messages I hear, lessons I learn everyday.  As I wrote earlier today, I am a lucky woman.


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