No Source of Not Well-being

From Abraham-Hicks:

There is not a source of not Well-being.

Ohm — a symbol of balance and well-being

There is not a source of sickness. There is just the disallowance of wellness. In every particle of the Universe there is that which is wanted and lack of it.

— Abraham

I just love double negatives.  In most writing, they are a bit of a pain in the ass, but in certain cases, they underline a point with far more impact than the corresponding positive phrase.  For instance:

  • “I know a college president who can be described only as a jerk. He is not an unintelligent man,nor unlearnednor even unschooled in the social amenities.”
    (Sidney J. Harris, “A Jerk,” 1961)
  • “Nor never none shall mistress of it be, save I alone.”    (William Shakespeare, Viola in Twelfth Night)

[ Multiple negative examples courtesy of]

Now, I am never not ready to talk about grammar, but in this case, I would rather look at this double negative in the context of Abraham’s entire quote.  When he says, “No source of not-well-being,” he is telling me, (I can’t pretend to know what everyone thinks,) that the only thing I have to do to avoid not-well-being is to desire a positive way.  As long as I give my attention well-being in all its forms in my life, I will experience it fully, as a gift from the Universe.  Only if I choose, or even can’t help but choose, sickness or sadness or anger, or any other state but joy and health and happiness, will I be asking for that dis-ease to come to me from the Universe.  And come to me it will, as described in the Law of Attraction:

Law of Attraction says, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

Or in simpler language, on whatever you choose to concentrate your attention, that will be given to you by the Universe.  If you concentrate on love — on being love, on projecting love, on acting with love, love returns to you from the cosmos.  If you concentrate on love, you will not receive hate; you will not receive sadness if you pay attention to happiness; you will not find more dis-ease if you vibrate  health.

That part is easy.  If we vibrate to the positive characteristics we crave, we get them from the Universe.  For example, I made a decision, about a year ago, to be happy.  Nothing had really changed in my circumstances, per se, but I decided that I was tired of being depressed and saddened by every day, and so I chose to vibrate to a new source of well-being:  happiness.  And believe it or not, though I’ve had a couple of relatively serious setbacks, my choice of happiness always brings joy back to me from everywhere in my life.

I know this sounds way too simple to work, but I am telling you, it really does.  I have control, not only over how I feel, but over that which I draw to myself, based on those feelings.  Were I to decide today that I believe I will get sicker and sicker, and soon die as a result of my dis-eases, that fate would come to me, would occur in my life, as sure as anything I know.  (And this is a big Cosmic Take-back; I was only writing that sentence as a possible example, not an actual vibration!)  So, I see that if I get out of that which holds me down; if I ask for a newer, more positive existence, well-being is given to me, and not-well-being doesn’t stand a chance.


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