Last Week I Learned (05/14-20/2012)

This has been a big week for reflection.  Last week, I learned:

  • That I am still prone to panic, and assumptions of the worst, even before figuring out what is going on.
  • That I have gotten lackadaisical about my meds.
  • That my sister and her daughters are part of an active, vital women’s chorus.
  • That I haven’t been in a room filled with that much charged estrogen in a long time, and I was somewhat intimidated.
  • That The Portland Ballet Corps Dancers are lovely and talented women.
  • That if I want my skin to heal, I have to keep my fingernails cut all the way back.
  • That I had forgotten an important appointment on both calendars, and had to scramble to get a ride.
  • That even though I know I’m going to catch hell from my diabetes educator this week, I still cannot force myself to keep food logs.  I STILL have to figure that out.
  • That writing is a joy and a challenge at the same time.

It was a busy week!


10 responses to “Last Week I Learned (05/14-20/2012)

  1. I too have learnt things this week, or maybe re-learnt things. Love the things you have learnt – the good bits and your honesty on the things you still have to conquer. In such a delightful manner too 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t like to imagine how you learned that you are slipping with your meds… My mum has diabetes and I have seen what she’s like when she gets out of sync with her meds or if she doesn’t eat properly so you have my sympathy if you have had a rough time this week.

    And I’m with you on the food diary – not easy to do! Good luck with it though. Keep strong 🙂

  3. That quiting smoking a year ago added my recovery from mental illness tremendously. I have several ailments,but I’m thankful they’re treatable even thou it’s not perfect. I looked at one of the first book’s I put up for sale, thinking it was just fine, but it had so many errors on the first 2 pages I had to take that one, and 2 others off sale. I’ve decided to spend a few months fixing them, and it makes me happy to know I’m well enough to do that. With challenges come new opportunities to succeed, so I’m happy about this, because I got to write them in the first place. My URL is so there’s that , and thank you for having me. 🙂

    • Once again, welcome, lightning pen! With your permission, I’d like to copy this comment to my Friends page, as that is where people go to find new blogs. Glad to have you here!

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