The First Rugosa Rose

The First Rugosa Rose

The first Rugosa Rose blossomed today.

Its fuchsia petals come to beckon me;

I have been waiting, watching carefully

To see the bud, now flower to display.

Coastal Maine Rugosa Rose

Press my nose to the center and breathe in,

Inhaling, as a choking person will,

‘Til finally, I breathe deep and am still,

Enveloped, wrapped in fragrance on my skin.

In spring I wait.  Then roses last a day,

Reminding me, the sprint of passing time.

For though its striking perfume is sublime,

The rose has come and now will go away.

But oh!  That sight, that sweet scent on the breeze

Is Goddess-like, that rose beneath the trees.


7 responses to “The First Rugosa Rose

  1. I am blown away by your amazing reflections. I am not familar with your rose, but am very familar with your spring loaded technique of inhaling the scent of your favorite flower. I have the same things happen wnen inhaling the scent of a favorite flower. For me it is Daphne. Takes me a split second and I am there. Thanjfully Daphne has a longer lasting blooms and are great cut flowers filling the house with her spicey fragrance.
    As always, with Grace~

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