Good News

I saw my nephrologist today.  I am seeing her once every 4 months, now, and so today was a nice visit.  In addition, while the doc didn’t have any blood test results from today, she is pleased with the way my numbers have been looking, (my bun and creatinine seem to be rock solid,) and I remain in stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Failure.  She is also very happy at how I am sticking to the low potassium regimen —  quite carefully.

Dr. C. and I discussed record-keeping, and my ongoing frustration and disinterest.  She gave me a very simple suggestion:  for the remainder of this week, and until next Tuesday, I will only be recording breakfast numbers.  This feels like it might be successful!  Yay!!!

My friend F. drove me to this appointment, and I was very pleased to see him — we always have lovely conversations, and today was no exception.  Thank you, F.  I truly appreciate you jumping in to save me — if I’d cancelled this appointment, I would have waited months for another.  😎


8 responses to “Good News

  1. Glad you had an encouraging office visit today. I too hate having to chart and graph things, be it blood pressure readings or food. But…the behaviors we have to try and change to stay as healthy as we can… I love that your Dr. C made the just do breakfast suggestion.

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