He asked me what?

What the hell has happened to my blog?  I went back over the last few posts, and I don’t believe there is a happy word in any of them, except the word happy.  I talk a lot about being happy, and I am.  But I’ve been writing like I would have a couple of years ago — sad, sad, sad.

So, a lighter post.  The maintenance guys, Chris and Josh, just came in to do their annual inspection.  Any of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while know that prepping for inspections, in the past, was an exercise in panic.  My first experience with hallucinations came after spending most of three days awake, throwing away the detritus, (I always wanted to use that word!) of my life, and cleaning.

In a very comfortable change of pace, I did NOTHING before this inspection.  I receive help from Catholic Charities — a woman comes in for two hours every week.  (I am fine with this; I consider it part of my anti-depression protocol —  so no guilt.)  She hasn’t been here since last Thursday, and isn’t due back until tomorrow.  During this week, I managed to keep up with the housework, so that I needed no running around.  I even took the trash out a couple of days ago, and if I make that sound like an accomplishment, that’s only because it is.

So when the knock came, I jumped up and opened the door without any trepidation.  The guys came in and checked everything: window cranks, outlets, smoke and CO detectors, emergency pull-cords.  The only thing they could find in that process was that the bedroom door didn’t latch.  No big deal.

And then Chris walked into the kitchen.  I was standing on the living room side of the cutout in the wall, when Chris turned on the faucet.  He looked first puzzled, and then disturbed, and said,”Your hot and cold water are reversed on this faucet.  How long has your faucet been like this?”

I snorted a little laugh, and explained to him; I told his predecessors, every year during this inspection, that the faucet was like that when I moved in.  I mean, he couldn’t have been thinking I changed it on purpose, could he?  He nodded, (not seeing any humor in the situation,) and told me they would replace it with a new system — I’ll believe it when I see it, but that was more than any other maintenance man had given me, all these years.  I thanked him, and the inspection was over, done, finished for another year!  Hooray!

I’m not sure why his question struck me as funny, but I am still giggling. I needed a good giggle, too — not because I was sad, but because lately I have only guffawed.  Brays of laughter, and then it’s over.  In contrast, I will be chuckling over this most of the day.  So thanks, Chris.  And thanks, Sherry from Catholic Charities, and a big pat on my own back for not having to run around in a hissy fit before this inspection.  And thanks to everyone who has listened to my dread before other inspections.

A funny post — not really.  But lighthearted is a good start!


7 responses to “He asked me what?

  1. I lived in so many apartments where hot and cold water controls were reversed that I always put my hand other the water to test if I am getting hot or cold water — or is that I can not keep left and right straight in my brain.

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