The Songs I Listened To Then

I’ve written so much, lately, about childhood, that I thought it might be fun to hear some of the music I loved, then.  All of these were popular when we lived in Turkey, and as we had no TV, the radio was a big deal.  Also, the base threw dances on the weekends, and they always had a preteen dance for those of us not quite there yet, (I was 8-10 during those years.)  This is some of the music I listened to then:

On the cover of the light blue album, with Peter Noone, Sister S. drew a little pair of lips in a kiss on Peter’s cheek.  I’ve never forgotten it!  (See next video.)


11 responses to “The Songs I Listened To Then

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    • Thanks — sounds like we were just about the same age. On the base, in Turkey, we had no TV — in fact, no one in Turkey had TV. The radio, and pop music, became very important in my life. As did the library! 😎

  2. Great songs all!!! Man, did I EVER get teased when Georgie Girl was out! Good song, but the teasing is the strongest memory.

    “Happy Together” is the closet thing to a perfect song! Music, harmony, emotion, and meaning: everything works beautifully!

    “Up, Up, and Away” brings back good memories of musical spots on about a million different variety shows!

    Great songs, Judith!

    • I was lucky — Mom supported us listening to radio and choosing favorites. Very cool. Now, Georgie Girl must have been hard to live with, but that’s my favorite of the bunch!

  3. We are very close in age so all these tunes took me back to my childhood too. I had not thought about many of them in decades. Up, Up and Away & Sugar, Sugar were probably my favorites of the bunch.

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