Gratitude List (05/26/2012)

I am thankful today, for many, many parts of my life.  I am grateful for my family, for my life, and on this Memorial Day Weekend, for the men and women who stand ready to defend this country, and those who have defended us when our nation is threatened directly.

I am grateful for my health, as it stands, and my ability to maintain it.  I want better results in the future, and I am aware that wishing and hoping will not move me in that direction; rather discipline and extreme care must be, and will be, applied, in order to make this happen.  I am thankful for all of the diabetic friends I have made, and for your support of me in my efforts.

I am thankful, on this 82℉ afternoon, that the patio in front of my building is shaded by 3PM, and sits in the middle of a wind tunnel which blows down the front of the building.  I am thankful that the awful humidity of yesterday, which we will experience off and on this summer, has dropped for a while.  The dry air makes me feel about 200 pounds lighter than I did yesterday.

I feel a great sense of thanks for sister S., who provided the book which sent me traveling down the road of memory to my inner child.  I am past the initial shock of the encounter, and ready to take my place by her side to comfort her, and to help her grow.   I find it easier by the day to speak with her, and to hear what she has to stay.  The book is called Affirmations for the Inner Childby Rokelle Lerner.

All of these, and so many more areas of my life, give me reasons every day to be thankful.  I am a happy woman, and very lucky.


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