Last week I learned….(05/21-27/2012)

This has been an interesting week.  The biggest lesson I learned:

  • not to schedule all my 3-month appointments in the same week

And others:

  • to make sure, if I ask the pharmacy to deliver, that I am there when they show up!
  • to clean the lint filter in the A/C every couple of weeks — I couldn’t understand why the A/C wasn’t pushing out cold air — I think I hadn’t cleaned the filter for more than a year.  Much better now!
  • that bringing up a lot of bad memories must surely be tempered by some good ones — remember, your childhood was not only not all bad, but some of it was a lot of fun!
  • that riding with F., who recently sprained his ankle, is still a lot of fun, as well.
  • that feeling the warm air on my skin, and the sun through the trees, is pleasant, life-affirming, and very relaxing; that rushing around when the temp is too high is not!

6 responses to “Last week I learned….(05/21-27/2012)

  1. Awesome lessons. I am gently reminded here by your post that I should not put all my eggs in one basket. And that since we pulled the ac out for the master bedroom last week we should check the filter. Thank you!

    I don’t do well in the heat either Thus ac in MB before the rest of the house Heat.. its just not my thing. But I do like this time of the year when it still can be cool enough to for me to be able to sit and be baked by the sun. I love that feeling on my body, nothing beats it.

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