A Big Milestone

New stuff to tell you about today!  This has been an interesting couple of days; I’ve napped, but real naps, not just falling asleep in the chair.  I’ve watched a couple of movies.  And most importantly, I achieved a new walking milestone, with the very gentle assistance of my dad and Priscilla, my step-mom.

They stopped by on Monday to give me some vitamins;  Dad and Pris have been following Dr. Whitaker, a physician who has created a program of vitamins and supplements, diet, therapies like IV, reflexology, and acupuncture, and much more.  Both Dad and Pris have lost a ton of weight as a result.  Dad is off metformin, walking 9 holes of golf with no problems, and Pris is sticking right along with him, and losing weight, and obviously happier even than before.  These two are so meant for each other!

I live in a building perched at the top of a reasonably serious hill, and from the day I moved in, Dad has suggested that I start walking it.  I have resisted, needless to say.  But Monday, while we were talking, someone mentioned walking to work, and Dad asked, quite kindly, if I had walked the hill yet.  I said, “Let’s go.  It’s time.”  I got my sneakers, and off we set.

As we were walking, Dad told me about walking with his father when his dad developed claudication late in life.  I had heard the story, but I had forgotten all about it.  He was well-aware, from his father’s experience, how difficult this walk was going to be for me.  He and Pris let me set the pace, and we stopped frequently, both on the way down and on the way back up.  But I did it!

To give a little perspective, I can tell you I haven’t walked up a hill in at least 8 years, maybe many more.  I just knew that was going to be the worst part of the pain in my legs.  Surprisingly, the walk down was more difficult, and my legs were shaking like maracas when I got to the bottom of the hill.  This walk is only about a total, maybe, of an eighth of a mile.  But I did it!

And I just did it again, by myself, without needing to be goaded or cajoled into doing it.  I am quite proud of myself.  Now that I know I can do it, I plan to walk that hill at least 4 times a week, for the first week, and then start increasing, slowly.  Today I needed 45 minutes, but I have an hour to spare during the day most of the time, so time won’t stop me.

My women’s walking group has not said anything about getting started for the summer since April, but I have a feeling this will do the trick for a while, anyway.  This post is a great big Thanks to Dad and Pris, for the vitamins, and for the advice, and for the walk.  Dad, as you know, I don’t ever get the message right away, but I got this one now.  Thank you both. XOXOXO


9 responses to “A Big Milestone

  1. After giving y sincere thanks to your dad and your Pris because this is helping to keep my friend healthy and in my life too… I then want to shout from the highest hill, GOOD ON YOU MISS JUDITH MY GRACE! MY FRIEND!.

    I am just so proud of you! Thank you for doinf this,a nd for taking it ever so slowsly so as not to injur or burn yourself out.
    My big heartfelt hugs girlfiend!

    • Thank you so much, Toni! I’m still going VERY slowly, but I’ve done it for the last two days, and plan to tonight, as well. The hill is already feeling a little easier. Hooray!

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