About Forgiveness

One of my faithful readers just told me that my post about forgiveness sounded preachy.  I re-read it, and I think she has a point.  Many times in the past, I have been unwilling to forgive what to me seemed unforgivable.  I can certainly understand anyone else who feels that way rolling their eyes and saying, “Bullshit!” after reading that post.

I don’t want to retract what I said, but I do have to be careful about that preacher/teacher voice in my writing, and I see some of that here.  Thank you, those of you who commented positively — you are all unfailingly supportive of me.  Thank you to my reader who passed her reactions along to me — you keep me  honest!  My regrets to all, for slipping into that voice.


4 responses to “About Forgiveness

  1. I re-read the post again looking for that preachy tone. In all due respect for others that comment I can only say that I must have come at the post from a different direction. Because I took away from it different things. One being about the great growing relationship between mom and daughter. (Reminds me Judith, a book reccomendation: My Daughter My Self Its old but so well worth the read I have made sure my girls have copies and I reread mine all the time because we all go through changes)

    For one, someone who has struggled with forgiveness I have now learbed there is a huge difference between forgiving and forgetting. I have let go and forgivenen those where i have felt wronged. Including wronged by myself. So forgiveness inclusdes forgiving me as well.
    But that being sadi I cannot FORGET the wrongs as I perceived them, They are my feelings I own them. And I shall not forget what happened for to do so would leave me open and vulnerable to let it happen again. I will not leave myself open by blindly forgetting.

    • Thanks, but I really don’t want to come off like a know-it-all — I don’t know it all, or even half. I appreciate your comment, though, and I will keep that in mind! 😎

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