Flood Warning

Flood Warning


The rain is coming down, outside,

The wind is cold and gusty.

The trees are swaying back and forth,

No longer dry and musty.

Poppies blooming late this year

And with them comes the iris.

But with the storm tonight, I know

The garden will be in crisis.

I’m safe here, in my living room

Up on the highest floor,

But downtown, streets are sinking

And on Front Street, every store

Is washed in rain today, and then

Tonight, there comes high tide.

The river rises on its banks

The city wants to hide.

A storm I saw, in ’78,

I hoped would be the only.

But June is always rain and wind;

Seems dark and drear and lonely.

I’ll turn my favorite music on,

My corner palm alight.

With tea, and blankets, and a book,

I should enjoy the night.


One response to “Flood Warning

  1. Great piece Judith. Really calls the emotions of being in a dark rainy city. Reminded me of the years we lived in downtown Seattle on the 14th floor. What an awesome experience for this country girl.

    Your poem took me back there in a wet flash back.

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