Last week I learned…(05/27 – 06/02)

Last week was quiet, but I still found plenty of lessons to be learned.

  • A continuing lesson — I need to maintain my sensitivity toward people’s feelings, even when I don’t agree with what they say.  I am on a real journey of discovery and understanding, and I am often very enthusiastic about what I’m learning.  I can be very forceful, and somewhat negligent in my attention to other people’s feelings.  I was reminded again this week that I need to be  gentle in cases like this.
  • I learned that I can accomplish a seemingly impossible task, in this case walking down and back up a steep hill, if I am only willing to take things in steps, instead of seeing the world as all or nothing.  This is a frequently recurring issue of mine.  One positive outcome of backing off has taught me that other positive outcomes are possible.
  • I learned that I really love watching the fish in the viewing room of the fish ladder.  Next year I’ll be there more frequently, as often as I can.
  • I learned that rainy days, even several in a row, can be comfortable days to sit around in my PJs, watch movies, and read, and write.  And if I can’t walk my hill outside, I can walk the stairs in the building.  Absolutely no big deal.

As happens every week, I am sure I’ve forgotten things that belong here.  But I can say, with assurance, that this has been a week of valuable lessons, as always.  I  anticipate with enthusiasm what life has yet for me to learn.


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