Interesting Facts

Interesting facts I’ve learned in the last month:

Actor Morgan Freeman
Look at his eyes

  • The actor, Morgan Freeman, has brown irises with a blue stripe on the outside.  And not a tiny one.  Click the image to see.
  • All species of octopi share a disadvantage which has and will prevent their evolution to a higher position in the marine environment.  The female octopus lays her eggs in a small hole, or under a ledge, and she stays there until they hatch.  No food at all.  After the baby octopi are all hatched, she moves away from the hole or crevice, and dies of starvation and exhaustion.  Because of this, each octopus must start fresh, and learn all the lessons that his parents had already learned.  (From the Science Channel)
  • Jupiter’s moon, Titan, is the one natural satellite in our solar system which has an atmosphere.  The chemistry of Titan includes nitrogen, methane, and ethane, among others.  Titan has rain, as we do, but because the liquid is methane, it falls slowly through the atmosphere in larger drops than our water-rain.  (From Wikipedia)
  • Albert Einstein first explored his theory of special relativity while riding on a bus, looking back at the town clock tower.  (From StudyCram)
  • A group of historians have postulated that Elizabeth I had Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, a condition in which a person feels, looks, and acts female; yet she has testes and XY chromosomes,( understood to be strictly the male chromosome requirement.)  Women with AIS cannot bear children, and as Elizabeth I was the “Virgin Queen,” and never had children, those historians espousing this theory feel  that the link is too strong to be ignored.  (From Second Type Woman — Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome)

More to come — I have seen several bloggers who post one or another version of this topic every month.  I plan to do the same, moving the post date to the 15th of the month, beginning in July.


4 responses to “Interesting Facts

  1. Re that last one – puh-leeze! Sounds like a group of historians don’t like the idea of a strong woman. Women who don’t have sex can’t bear children either – does that mean they all suffer the same syndrome?

    I’m not mad at you (it wasn’t your stupid theory) but I am suddenly mad at total strangers who waste their and our time with idiotic theories like this.

    Totally spoiled the Morgan Freeman moment 😦

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