Songs I listened to, then — 1975-1978

I was thinking about high school, and I decided to do another of these posts.  The last song is very loud, so you might want to lower your volume.

If I had to pick one band for the soundtrack of my high school years, Steve Miller Band would make my top five list.  I had quite a choice of songs, with The Joker, Take the Money and Run, Jungle Love, Fly Like an Eagle, and several more.  This one strikes a particular chord with me, not because I loved it then, though I do now.  I bet I heard this song ten thousand times in the first five years of the album.  Here is the Steve Miller Band with Jet Airliner:


Boston was another of my favorite bands in high school.  I only ever liked, or even listened to, their self-titled first album.  That album was so packed with good songs, I would have had trouble choosing.  But I used this one, and I’m dedicating it to my sister J.  Here’s Boston with Rock and Roll Band:


The Cars self-titled album was my big pick for high school favorite.  This is another album full of great tunes, almost iconic to me, but this was the first track on the LP.  (Just as are the Patriots and the Red Sox, the band The Cars was as close as we were ever going to get to a famous Maine band.)  Here’s The Cars’ (very clean live version)  Just What I Needed:


I knew very little about Leo Sayer, who sang this next song, other than his name.  I just knew that I loved the song.  The 6/4 rhythm of the song, and the way in which Sayer uses it to emphasize certain phrases, is probably one of the main reasons.  Here’s Leo Sayer with When I Need You:


Finally, I’ve chosen the title song from Meat Loaf‘s Bat Outta Hell album.  This album was the first I ever bought on my own; I really couldn’t find a bad song  anywhere on the album.  Meat Loaf’s songs of the rebel, the teenager, the outcast, all appealed to me — this was one of those times when the music fit right into my life.  (I also appreciated that Meat Loaf couldn’t read a note of music, and yet could write music like this.)  Here’s Meat Loaf’s Bat Outta Hell:



2 responses to “Songs I listened to, then — 1975-1978

  1. Great songs, Judith! Good times back then—better in a lot of ways!

    I got to see the Cars live back in the late ‘70s, great band! Before I grew my beard—many years ago—I had a lot of folks tell me I looked just like Ric Ocasek.

    Meat Loaf is simply one of the greatest singers ever!

    • How cool! I didn’t expect many people to like Meat Loaf like I do — he really is a talented musician, and that album was near flawless in song list as well as performance. Yay!!

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