Friggin’ Facebook!

Am I the only person who has trouble with Facebook?

Facebook — it’s everywhere!

I just spent 1/2 hour on the phone with a friend, trying to find his page — wall, info, photos — with no luck at all.  Eventually, he sent me the URL via email.  He also could not find me, and I ended up sending my address to him.  Finally, when I went to his wall to watch a video he had posted,  I couldn’t watch itwithout a Flash update, for which my computer has not enough something.

This isn’t supposed to be this hard — I know people who can’t write a simple sentence, while I have all this schooling; yet they’re the ones using FB as if it was thumb-twiddling.  I just don’t get it!

I wouldn’t use FB at all, except that is where I can see family photos.  Frustrating. I am tempted to log off and never go back, but those pictures….

Am I the only one?  Am I so hopelessly out-of-date that I can’t get this?   Everybody seems to love FB — I can barely stand it, hated the movie, hate the whole idea of social networks.  They are cop-outs so people can avoid talking face-to-face.

Oh, Well — hopelessly addicted to having conversations with people instead of messaging and FB’ing and Tweeting, and whatever other social networks are out there.  Even my cell phone company wanted my profile so I could take part in their social network.  Blech!!!!!!!  I love computers, have for decades, and I’ll continue to use them.  But none of that other stuff, please.  I am happily out-of-touch with the new ins and outs of texting, instant messaging, FB’ing.  I believe I’d like to stay this way.


11 responses to “Friggin’ Facebook!

  1. Same Judith, no texts or tweets thanks very much. I’m on FB but mostly to see family stuff from those far away. It can be a big PITA. Feeling your pain, Sister!

  2. I stopped using FB permanantly in March. For personal reasons and because of advice from my IP tech and my computer geeks who are my saviors.
    The only reason I was using it was photos and my kids and grand kids. I have to saay that i realize now looking back that we all let the use of FB help us cheat ourselves out of ral contact with one another There became this tendency to think that if we had posted a status update that was good enough. The kids would know we were fine. etc..
    I don’t miss it on iota. In fact the time it freed up for me was time I’d not seen missing.

    It’s interesting zi find to read others who repied.~

  3. Face books sucks! It is not about being out-dated. Its just that we hate prying into people’s lives, you and me! And we like investing our times with people whom we are with, at the moment rather than poking our noses into what others are doing.

  4. FB has it’s moments 🙂 Mr. 13 has just joined, and hopefully the novelty will wear off quickly. I agree that there are better forms of communication when you see people regularly. It’s good for crossing different time zones and sharing family pictures. After a while the drivel can be a tad mind-numbing 🙂

  5. It’s not just you; FB can be a royal pain. I don’t use it as much as I used to. When I do use it I spend a lot of time making terrible faces at the screen while I read a lot of—what I consider—garbage.

    Patty and I had to block someone recently—my ex-wife (and yes, trying to be friends with her WAS a stupid idea)—and getting that task done was a time-consuming pain.

    Hang in there!

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