Voting Day

I’ve put on my light summer coat,

And I’m feeling quite ready to vote.

I’ll know who to pick —

Make the other side sick,

And we’d never be tempted to gloat.


5 responses to “Voting Day

  1. Having heard a bit about your voting system from my Oregonian friend, I am intrigued. Although long winded, ‘appears’ a better system than ours. but we have compulsary voting which I like.

      • ok, when you put like that, how can it possibly be better. lol.
        What was explained to me is that at the end of the day, everyone gets the chance to vote for either A or B to be in the white house. We don’t have that. I think if we did, it would eliminate alot of the shit, but then maybe not.
        We get to vote on the person in our electorate (the area they represent) so only a handful (of the population) get to vote for the big knobs.

        Once the ‘party’ is voted in, they pick their leader, or if the past leader has been voted back in they stay on.

        We still get alot of donkey votes (non countable) so I think if we had the chance to vote for A or B it might get people doing the right thing. Voting is a priviledge(sp?), we don’t have a gun to our heads, so I get really cranky when the people who complain are ususally the ones who don’t vote properly anyway. best stop now… off my soap box…

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