100WC for Kids

100-Word Challenge
Creative Writing for Young People

When I first began to blog, I joined in several challenges.  Later, I found 100WCGU (100-Word Challenge for Grown-ups.)  I enjoyed this trial immensely, and I decided to participate.  Eventually, my schedule got so crazy that I had to back out for a little while.  I’m going to start again this week.

At about the same time I stopped with the adult challenge, I got an email from Julia, the challenges’ creator, asking for volunteers to comment on the 100-Word Challenge for kids.  I agreed, and I am reading the posts for the contest from kids around the world, and really enjoying it.  Their candor and imagination shows like a spotlight in the writings.  You can find 100WC at this link, and we’d all be thrilled if some of you would like to leave some positive reinforcement.  The competition is not so much about spelling, or grammar, though you may suggest extra consideration of one or two words.

The whole idea of this challenge is to encourage young authors to write — the challenge changes weekly, and you may comment using your WP ID.  I encourage all of you to check it out!


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