In appreciation of The Science Channel

Cable service is upgraded; I am totally elated!

The Science Channel

Science Channel comes to my TV.

I can’t believe how long I waited, my desire so long negated;

Now I’m just as pleased as I can be.

Through the Wormhole, I have traveled; quantum physics is unraveled,

And my understanding grows apace;

I’m quite intent, no longer baffled.  The fact is, I am quite bedazzled.

Exploring galaxies in outer space.

I’ve jumped through black holes so amazing, Multiverse I am embracing,

Now string theory has become so clear —

So much more simple; I’m embracing all the knowledge I am gaining,

From this network which I hold so dear.

So now I sit; I’m dedicated, shows for which so long I waited.

The Elements, Hypnosis, Build It Big.

With my excitement unabated, curiosity unsated,

Just one more Science Channel guinea pig.


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