Morning meds, again

Hi, blogoverse!  I just caught myself before I really screwed up — meds.  My blood sugar was low, for me, so I rushed out of bed, straight to the kitchen, made breakfast, sat down and ate it.  I looked at my med box, and reminded myself that i needed to take them after I ate.  Of course, I forgot, and I ended up just veg-ing  in front of the TV, dozing on and off.  I fixed lunch at the right time, and sat down in the chair in front of the TV, just for a couple of minutes — snoozed for a half-hour, woke up, and decided to go to bed for a nap.

I set the alarm, and wrapped up in my blanket; I was almost asleep when BANG! I remembered that I hadn’t taken my meds.  The lethargy, the sleepiness, all began to make sense.  I jumped out of bed, (quite literally!) ran out here, took my meds, and sat down to write this.

Why did I forget my meds — I didn’t set the box on top of the computer — I even thought of doing it, but decided that of course I’d remember, and off to bed.  Not smart!  So, I’m headed outside to get some sun, and some fresh air, and then I should be able to write some.  I’ll be back.  😎


5 responses to “Morning meds, again

  1. I’m so glad you finally remembered before you began having much more signigany symptoms. Getting drowsy when you know you should not have a need to be so from natural fatigue is your first clue. Veg-ing infront of the TV and dozing -off, then still feeling tired after eating lunch and falling asleep again. Third time was the charm thoigh. This time laying in bed you remembered.
    Drowsy, dozing, napping? I know we all do this. But you were on a roll this day.
    I’m just so glad you had that recall!~

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