Share Your World Week #28

Share Your World is here again, and Cee explains her reason for these questions:

This has been a long week.  So hopefully I will be kind to everyone and make the questions for today easy.  Well we’ll see.  For those of you who have been following either blog, I passed all my 1st quarter tests for my energy medicine course with flying colors.

Here are the questions, and my answers:

  1. Apple juice, orange juice or prune juice?  A slightly more complicated question than one would think.  I prefer orange juice, by far, but orange juice is now a very special treat, only allowed once every few months.  I drink apple juice, when I drink juice at all.  I have Chronic Kidney Disease, and the potassium in orange juice is way too high.  Apple juice is for insulin reactions only — no juice for a regular drink.
  2. What is your favorite animal?  Right now, the hippopotamus.  The hippo has a bad reputation, but she is an attentive and caring mother, protecting her calf from alligators and from the animals who cross her river every year.  She’s big, not too graceful on land, but she moves like a ballerina underwater.
  3. What are two things in nature do you find most beautiful?  The ocean, from which I just got home, after spending an hour watching the waves, and one seal who stayed in front of us the whole time we were there.  And the Badlands of So. Dakota, which are beautifully layered and sculpted by millions of years of wind wearing them down.
  4. Are you awake before dawn?  Or are you awake before noon?  I can’t help but wake up around 5:45 — which is after dawn right now, but in the winter is way before dawn.  I’m really not much of a morning person, but there you have it!

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