Jammies and Writer’s Block

I put on my Eeyore nightgown last night, as the apartment had gotten a little chilly.  This isn’t remarkable, except that I usual wear the least amount of clothing possible when I go to sleep.  Anyway, I woke with that nightgown on, and I’m still wearing it.  Actually quite freeing, in a weird way.

A caveat:  I do not spend every day like this.  Today was the exception, not the rule.

Wearing my PJs all day is a way of giving myself permission to stay in, regardless of what I need to work on.  Usually, by midday, I am ready to shower and dress and face the world.  I’ve become way too bored to hang around any more.  Today was different.  I wrote a post about not writing posts, and then watched an excellent movie on FLIXe, called Get Well Soon.  I missed the first half-hour, so I can’t really give a review, except to say that it was terrifically done, a tragi-comedy, and well worth seeing.

After lunch, I thought of a challenge I did when I first started blogging — Choose A Word challenge, which I enjoyed very much.  I grabbed a book, and closed my eyes and pointed.  Physics.  Okay.  I have some history with Physics, so I started writing.  But as I tried to find a website for a link, I forgot all about the post, and spent three hours looking at Intro to Quantum Physics sites.  I didn’t finish that post before dinner, but I posted it, finally.  And then I realized I had my writing back.  Twice, I’ve written about not being able to write.  I wrote a poem, on 6/15, called Uninspired.  Today’s post is called Lethargy.  This is my new strategy for fighting writer’s block.  I am most grateful I found it.


2 responses to “Jammies and Writer’s Block

  1. i like it, writing about not writing is a the nbew cure for writers block… and gettting lost in other things while looking for one particular item (i quite enjoy that, unless I’m sposed to be busy)

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