100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups (100WCGU) Week #46

I’ve decided I can begin to add some challenges back into my posts.  This is a favorite, as I am a judge for a kids’ 100WC.  From Julie, the creator of 100WCs:

Very straight forward prompt this week:

… in the dark recess of my mind ..

As usual you have 100 words to add to these 7 making 107 altogether. Make sure you keep the prompt as it is, please put a link back to here so that others can read all the posts and make sure it would be suitable for a PG certificate.


Physical Education was a drag.  I didn’t like the uniforms,

We wore uniforms for P.E.
Just like these.

changing in front of those skinny cheerleaders, taking group showers (Heaven forfend!)  All of that made Meta-Phys. Ed. bad. Worse were the classes themselves; running, playing kickball or softball or field hockey.  All good ways to get hurt, especially if you were as gaumy as I was.

But hidden in the dark recess of my mind was a completely different schedule for Phys. Ed.  I’d begin with stretching, while talking about its value;  reiki would come next.  I would offer belly dancing, which is great for the abdomen. And the advanced girls would learn the basics of acupuncture.


10 responses to “100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups (100WCGU) Week #46

  1. Phys. Ed. sucked, so did the uniforms, so did the coach/teacher. We should have learned good body mechanics and proactive physical/occupational therapy with some human anatomy so we could learn how to protect ourselves and prevent injuries as we aged. I skipped Phys. Ed. and hung out with the stoners, behind the IA shop, smoking pot. Good for me!

    • I never had the guts to skip a class — I didn’t want my parents to have to go to jail for murder. So I went along with every damned thing we had to do — AAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! I wish I knew you then — a perfect role model for getting out of being perfect!

  2. Why couldn’t PE have been like that when I was at school? Would have much preferred it to freezing on a hockey field, unable to even see the ball without my glasses on.

    • I’m glad someone thinks it would have been worthwhile — I hated it with a passion so deep that sometimes, I’d pretend to be sick, to miss taking a certain test or performance demonstration. Of course, now I’m a big fat slob! 😎

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