Get off my back!

The following is Abraham-Hicks’ Daily Law of Attraction Quotation.  Follow the link to reach Abraham-Hicks’ home page, and read about the Law of Attraction.  Then, if you’d like, follow this link to my post of the same name.  I will list other related posts below.

For now, the Law of Attraction is Ask and it is given.  Another is Like calls unto itself.  Both of these phrases say that if I concentrate on goodness, happiness, and peace, those three will come to me in abundance.  But if I am concentrating on sadness, hurt, and anger, I draw those characteristics to myself as well.  The trick is to know how I want to live.

On to the quotation:

When you take the problems of the world on your shoulders, your body [and mind  don’t feel good]. It’s just that simple. Leave the problems of the world to the individual problem-makers of the world, and you be the joy-seeker that you are.

— Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, May 3rd, 2004

Additional text is mine.

I remember not too far back, I talked about being the Queen of the Universe. Or maybe it was the center of the world.  Same thing, for this explanation. Everything involved me, every word or feeling applied to me, and I was expected to fix everything — Queen of the Universe, for sure.

I had believed, for most of my life, that I was required to take care of all these things; to bear the world on my shoulders.  That burden feels very heavy, and if I didn’t release myself from that feeling of obligation, heavy became unbearable.

Let’s think about today’s quote.  Abraham tells us to unload our backs, and pass all the crap we’ve been carrying around to the people who caused it, or are responsible for it.  He calls them the problem-makers of the world; I know many people who fit that description, for a lot of different reasons.  Another way to name them is troublemakers.  I can name a dozen troublemakers in American politics alone, right off the top of my head.  Politics is a touchy subject, so I’ll leave it at this:  According to Abraham, if we think good thoughts for ourselves, those positive emotions and knowledge come to us in many different ways. By doing this, and surrounding ourselves in joy, our joy will grow until it overtakes the scoffers at global warming, or the petroleum-based company which lobbies and succeeds to be allowed to put mercury in the water, or any of the multitude of others. It cancels them out.  But everyone has to do it, so I guess it will be awhile.

Problems in relationships need also be solved by the problem-makers.  And that doesn’t mean one side or the other; both of us will wrestle within ourselves to find our responsibility for our part of the breakup.  Whether that means working the relationship, or ending it, our responsibilities remain ours.

Lastly, that heavy, heavy load wore me down so much; I was carrying the weight of my own responsibilities, and huge bags of guilt about the responsibilities of my siblings, parents, friends, acquaintances, the city, the country, and the world — though I could not fix the problems. When I finally decided to let all that go, I felt better.  And with that start, I hooked onto a happy emotion, and then another, and so on.  Two years after feeling lower than I could tolerate, I’ve found a method for keeping myself on the positive side.  With the copious help of friends and family.  My deepest thanks.

One more note — I don’t believe Abraham is asking us not to assist each other; simply that we each be responsible for our own actions when we do.

Begin to know happiness, and more will come to us.  Remain sad, or angry, and more of that will come to us as well.  I know it’s a harder choice than I make it sound, but the first step is to release the guilt and problems, our own and the world’s, and let them fall from our aching minds, and aching backs.

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6 responses to “Get off my back!

  1. I learned a lot from Abraham. I went through a life-phase where I listened to the books on audio almost constantly. It makes so much sense and feels so good to let go of that which is weighing you down. I remember one story about paddling your canoe WITH the current, rather than against it …. duh. Of course. What a great visualization for easing through life. : )

  2. That’s an interesting quote. I think it is a fine balance between helping people out and letting people make their beds and lie in them.
    Very thought provoking, thanks.

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