On my desk

I have added a couple of items to my desk:

I have discovered a new way to have something green on my desk — rather than buy flowers, which die very quickly, or a plant, which I myself would kill quickly.  At my local supermarket, in the flowers section, I can almost always find little bunches of different leaves, from which this week I bought eucalyptus, and long stands of some kind of flat, grass, about the width of a marker.  This greenery lasts for about 3 weeks, and it always makes a big splash of color.

On my left side, I have a sand dollar, which was given to me by one of the other residents in the building.  She is somewhat limited, but she has created a beautiful keepsake.  Using  colored markers, she made a pinwheel of color, which also allows the spider web pattern of the sand dollar come through.  It’s really quite lovely.

These join the painting my mother gave me, of a sight we both remember from when we were in Turkey, and I was 9:  The painting shows a Turkish village, with a woman covered all over with a black burka.  She has just dyed her hand-spun wool a fiery red color — the color of the Turkish flag.  She has stretched it out on pegs, to let it dry in the sun.  A lovely memory.

I also have my liquid paperweight, with 2 clown fish suspended in the oil.  My deck of 4 Agreements cards is also there, as are my phone base, and my computer.  Considering the desk is 3 1/2 feet  x 2 feet, I think I’ve done well.

The things we collect say much about who we are, so I guess I’m a colored- spider-webby-greens-lover, sentimental and playful at the same time.  I like that!


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