Songs I listened to then 1979-1982

Time for another shot at this.  I so enjoy doing these, and I love your comments.  I’ve finished putting this post together, and I can see that even into my 20s, I was still a Pop Music lover, although New Age was catching up.  Enjoy!

The Knack released a fantastic album in 1979, titled Get The Knack.  This album contained extremely good music; My Sharona, That’s What the Little Girls do, and my favorite.  From Get the Knack, here’s Good Girls Don’t:

I played a song from this album for 1983, but I have to do another — I loved these guys!  The album, The Cars, and the song, You’re All I’ve Got Tonight:

I bought Parallel Lines, a 1978 release by the band Blondie, and once again, I was hooked.  Many songs, like Heart of GlassSunday Girl, and Hanging on the Telephone, became hits — some more than others, but here’s my favorite.  I wore that vinyl out playing One Way or Another:

I have a love-hate thing going for Joe Jackson, but by far my favorite of his came out in 1979; Here’s Is She Really Going Out With Him?:

I first heard ABBA in 1974, and for some reason, they grabbed my ear.  I couldn’t decide which song to use, so I chose a familiar hit.  Here’s ABBA with the original music video for Mamma Mia:


11 responses to “Songs I listened to then 1979-1982

  1. I love every one of these songs. Especially Blondie 🙂 At the same time, Electric Light Orchestra were played endlessly on my turntable!

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