Gratitude List 09/23/12

Another Saturday almost got by me before I wrote this.  I’m going to start writing this on Friday night.

I am grateful to J.A., C.H., F.K., S.M., K.A., R.A., J.L., P.A.,
R. J.  E.J., B.B., D.H., J., and all of the wonderful bloggers and not-bloggers in my life.  In your own way, each of you has supported me this week; you helped me think, to not think, get serious, to lighten up, to push myself physically, to push myself emotionally, to speaking to me in person, or on the blog, or on the phone, in a way that cleared away a little more of the fog that snuck in.  If you aren’t listed there, I’m sorry — I could have kept on going, but I wanted to write the whole post tonight.  I thank all of you with love in my heart.

I am thankful that I got through another meeting with my N.P. at the Diabetes Center with no hysteria.  I am grateful to the Coastal Trans. driver, who filled the van with clients before he came to my building, and dropped me off first so I wouldn’t be late.  I am very grateful that I spent an entire day with my blood sugar at or below 183 — I imagine some of you are gasping in shock, but please don’t be too alarmed.  The N.P. wants me below 150, but she’s happy with 183, not over 200.

I am thrilled to say that the ulcers on my legs and arms are filling in.   Thank everything that’s holy, I’ve kept my hands off my skin this week.  I feel healthy, (I know I shouldn’t do this, but,) for me.  I have felt healthy in spite of my physical status so few times in my life; this is a breakthrough of sorts.  I am grateful for the health of my family and friends, and I wish you all very well.

I love that my sister S. has her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild staying with them.  I am happy for him having a chance at a great job, close by, and I am visualizing him there, with all my power.  I thank sister S. for her honesty and encouragement.  She does so much to keep me grounded.  And, I am thrilled to say that M.V., my niece, graduated from high school, got into the college she wanted, and got the job at SeaWorld all at once.

If any of you happen to live in the San Diego area, and if you are a good mechanic, I would appreciate you installing A/C in her polar bear costume, maybe tonight?  She’s drinking more water, but the fur suit on a hot day is more than enough to warrant an ambulance last week.  M.V.’s okay, now, and according to my sister J., loves her job.

I could list so many more areas in my life for which I’m thankful — my home, neighbors, co-workers, boss — but for now I’m going to finish this and get it posted in 19 minutes.  I love you all, and Thanks!


5 responses to “Gratitude List 09/23/12

  1. I have one mpre person I’d like to take have the gall to mention and suggest that you be thankful for…. like you need my help, right?

    I’d like very much if you could find some room on your gratitude list for YOU!!!!

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