Happy little ants

Happy little ant walking a crowded ant parade

Bearing tasty little bits, into the misty shade.

Cheerful ants are walking on a well-marked, well-known trail,

For ants get all their feeling from the odors that they smell.

One happy little ant walks ’til he stops to smell and see

Another little ant is dead, his chemicals set free

To flow upon the wind. Just as the ants know where to go

By smelling, Β the last smells of his dead comrade let him know.

The little ant looks all around, as if to hush a crowd;

He seems to rub his chin, and then sends up another cloud

Of pheromones, to tell his family ants of what is here.

The ant then shrugs his shoulders, and moves on, without a tear.

The happy little ant continues down the well-marked road

For Β no ant cries for ants; instead, he walks on with his load.


8 responses to “Happy little ants

  1. Its the basic fact of life sometimes we need to shrug off and just go on with our lives. Humans tend to be too emotional but we can’t help as long as our hearts keep pounding we tend to care as long as it takes. Its a good read Judith.

      • A real writer that is what you are. A gift. Writers are born they are not made. I realized that when I gave up my dreaming of becoming a writer.

      • Thank you, Packo. But I wouldn’t give up completely, if I were you. You have come so far since I first started reading your blog — very descriptive paragraphs, powerful expressions of emotions. I practiced for years before I was ready to make my writing public. 😎

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