In my dream: 100-Word Challenge for Grownups

100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups

It’s time for me to return to the 100-Word Challenge for Grown ups — 100WCGU.  This week’s prompt is a photo,

Prompt for 100WCGU

which, well, I’m not going to describe, because that might change the way I write about it.  Instead, I will follow the ordinary 100WFGU rules, and here they are:

  1. Show the 100WCGU badge on the blog
  2. Thank Julia, who manages this challenge, not only for us, but for thousands of kids as well.  Thanks, Julia!
  3. Use the prompt, plus 100 words, to write the entry

In my dream, I drove alongside the field, with mountains off in the distance.  I could see farmhouses and outbuildings set nearby.  I drove past an unusual service station; it looked like a teapot with spout and handle.  I’m a little teapot….

…paramedics around my car.  One asked how I felt.  I’d driven for miles, unaware.  My blood sugar had dipped so low I’d passed out.  I sat up, and looked at the teapot gas station — I wasn’t dreaming that, then…

…I woke up, remembering I don’t drive.  I saw the teapot station outside, and again, I knew I was dreaming….


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