Our Moms’ Warnings

(N.B.  Mom, I don’t mean that you literally said all these things.  Poetic License.)

Did your mom tell you, Don’t run or you’ll fall?

How ’bout don’t cross your eyes, they’ll stay that way?

This room is a pigsty, I heard it all,

Don’t run with scissors I learned the hard way.

I felt a weird resentment when she said

In times of misery, This, too, shall pass.

With these tangles, spiders nest on your head

Accompanied a hairbrush.  Oh, alas!

Sit back from the TV, she always cried,

Or you’ll go blind, as if she really knew;

Don’t run with that — you’ll poke out someone’s eye!

To bed, no supper or dessert for you!

She always said, Put on a coat, or freeze,

Or wait an hour after lunch, you’ll get a cramp

Just for me eat some of those yummy peas,

You’ll catch a cold outside, your hair is damp.

Our mothers always did their best to bust

Our fun, or just scare the shit out of us.


10 responses to “Our Moms’ Warnings

    • I catch myself saying some of these, and when I remember how much I hate to be reminded, I always feel I owe Mom a big thanks and a bunch of flowers! Glad you’ve joined us!

  1. Ditto to all the above – the older we get the more we channel our mums or speak the same things without realising. I’m pretty sure I’ve most of those things over the course of 3 boys plus a few choice other ones.

  2. Like Kana, I too have heard my mother’s word spilling from my mouth. 😉 Where would we be without a mothers love! More importantly now, where will our children be?

  3. Ha, the things I swore I’D never say… And then one day I heard my own voice saying: “I’m cold; put on a sweater.”
    Side effect of motherhood: I’m “channeling” my mom! 😉

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