We are Children of the Stars

I saw a terrific program the other day, Wonders of the Universe, on the  the Science Channel.  The episode that caught my eye is called Children of the Stars.

I have been unable to get this to embed, so instead, I am including the link for the first 3 minutes.  From there, you can watch the rest of the program a little at a time, or all at once.  Wonders of the Universe/Children of the Stars is available in thirteen videos, each approximately 2min, 45sec sections which, when taken in order, together become a very cool description of the creation of elements, those same elements making us and every living thing on earth.  I highly recommend the entire program, taken all together, or taken separately.

After watching the first video, go to Related Videos and  choose the next video, and so forth.  You will not regret it.


2 responses to “We are Children of the Stars

  1. My husband has this taped on his DVR being the mad Science Channel fan that he is. I’ll ask him to save to watch with me, who rarely watches TV and would have missed this if not for your post. Thanks friend.

    Though I am not a huge science fan only because quite often its above my head, I have learned more and more about the category since meeing, befriending, and marrying D.

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