Just another FUBAR

My apologies and thanks to sister S., for her help in resolving the following emergency, (well, it wasn’t an emergency after all, but I thought it was.)  Thank you, S.

I had created a mail account through Google Apps under the name of @diabetic redemption.com.  As I was massively pleased and proud of myself, I went onto my blog, and changed my email address to jatwood4@diabeticfredemption.com.  WP said they would be sending an activation email to that mailbox.  OK, that seems to make sense.  I went to Google home and logged in under my contact email.  When I chose account, I was told that I was already signed in under that address, and did I want to create a new account.

Well, I never thought to ask if I was logged in under the other account, and I ended up frantically trying to find an inbox for @comcast.com, which everyone else probably knows doesn’t exist.  I kept going around and around in circles, getting angrier and more upset each time I got to the do you want to create another account page.

I plodded through the support systems on both Google and WP, and couldn’t find any new information.  By now I was in tears, I was so frustrated.  So I decided to call S., and ask if she knew what I should do.  I didn’t phrase any of my questions in the way anyone would who knew what they were doing; S. had experienced a tough night, and my inability to communicate my problem began to frustrate her, even more than I was frustrated.

Of course, you all are likely laughing your asses off right now, knowing that all I needed to do was Log Off, and sign back in with the diabeticredemption.com email address.  By the time I finally understood this situation, I believe S. was ready to climb a wall.  A real tribute to her aplomb here — she was kind and gentle, and helpful, when she could have just as easily yelled at the top of her lungs and climbed through the phone to kick my ass.  When I saw what an easy fix my problem had, I was very embarrassed to have missed that the first time.

I have spoken of my sister S. many times in this blog.  She has shown me, again today, how far along this new path she’s come.  S., thank you for helping me, and for not reaching through the phone and smacking me, which I really did deserve!  I am back where I need to be, with a much better understanding of a basic rule of computer operation, and I will do my best to remember.  I love you S.  Thanks!


6 responses to “Just another FUBAR

  1. Judith, I am happy to help. My frustration was more at YOUR frustration – it’s so much harder to solve a problem when you are already convinced that it can’t be solved! Your questions weren’t stupid, either. Like so many things (in life) our preconceived notions of what the solution will look like gets in the way of seeing the solution when it’s there. Good lessons for both of us. Thanks for speaking so kindly of me 🙂

    • Thank you, clembo. You are right on — I did expect something completely different from that which ended up being the answer. I’ll remember that now, until the next one that really catches me off-guard, and then I will do my best to hold on to that truth. I have nothing but kind words for you — Much Love

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