Hello, July!

How can this be the first of July?

Yesterday was January 1, or so it seems;

Time moves so quickly.

Where went March, and May?

They appear to have slipped by

With little of our notice.

Now, July’s hot days and nights

Are here — eighty-five degrees today

With such high humidity,

We felt like we had

To cut the air with a knife,

And feed it to our lungs.

July is a beautiful month

In Maine;

We wait so long for the sun to shine,

And then we can’t stand in it.

I got out of the shade today.

I’m glad I did.

A very, very warm welcome,



4 responses to “Hello, July!

  1. What a sweet poem aboyt sumer and the passing of time. Maine sounds an awful lot Seattle Washington. We’d get maybe a good summer month in August, but even then the sun would have to burn the fog off the waters I cannot stand the humidity and gray days anymore, which is why we moved back to the High Desert of Oregon. We get about 300 days of sun a year, I actually start craving rain….

    • I love the High Desert — but the dryness can be oppressive. Did you know that the cause of many suicides during that time was the wind, not the sand it was blowing?

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