Last Week I Learned…(07/01/12)

(I got this post subject from Julia, who authors the 100-Word Challenges for GrownUps, and authored and maintains an international challenge for young writers — 100-Word Challenge, and for younger writers, 5-Sentence Challenge.  Terrific, valuable opportunities for aspiring authors.)

Last week was a week of transition for me.  But here are some of the things I learned:

  • I learned that I can be friends with a man with whom I cannot be in a couple.
  • That the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick, must have been entrancing when it was released.  I saw it the other day, mostly to see why it usually makes Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Ever list; I still don’t get why it is ranked so highly on the list.  The long, long drawn out scenes in the ship and of its exterior seem to me more fit for the Best Movie to get Stoned with, with Blade Runner (often named The best sci-fi movie ever made,) in a close second, and Star Trek: A Motion Picture rounding out the top three.
  • That I’m not finished learning how to approach problems calmly — nowhere close, in fact.
  • That I love being a poet, though I’m still immature in my mechanics.
  • That I feel A LOT better for slowing down my schedule, not worrying about getting so many posts done every day.
  • That having not one thing planned for the 4th of July feels great!
  • That I learned most of my spiritual understanding from my sister, S., and still receive that kind of unconditional love and acceptance from her, regardless of my current temper.  I learn from many members of my family, lessons as wide-ranging as how to make ekmek (a yummy Turkish Bread, and learn the life of Stephen Hawking, and learn some good info on vitamins, (which I also check carefully, with my docs and online, for medical side effects.)  I love and appreciate my family, and I’m happy to have them!

Those are just a few of the many lessons and life skills I learned last week.  Just imagine what this week will bring!


4 responses to “Last Week I Learned…(07/01/12)

  1. Fabulous My Girl! Just fabulous! Big and bigger steps you take in learning that you two can be friends, but not a couple. I know so many people that need to learn this.

    Going slower, ..ahem.. yes that is one on my list. Did you see the photo of Cee’s of the 10 mph sign? It was such a strong message for me to slooooowww down. I have a hard time with this, thinking that every minute of waking hours thar I’m feeling well should be fiilled with the things that I think only I can do well enough.
    It’s an absurd fight between mind and body.

    Thanks Love for sharing with us.
    Go gently in your day~ BB

    • I am so glad to hear that you are slowing down. I just posted that I’m not even going to look at the blog until Thursday — so Yay! for both of us! Happy Wednesday. Love you, kid! 😎

  2. What a great subject to write about! If more of us took the time to reflect, imagine what the world would be like. Thank you for sharing!

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