The blue-green sea

I have hoped for years, to be

Back in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean Sea
(Photo courtesy of Google images)

No doubt, because I loved it so,

There’s so much more I want to know.

The Sea, herself, a glorious sight

With blue, then teal, then surf so white,

Shore is pebbly among the dark sand.

The beaches seem to never end;

Sand that rings this beautiful sea,

Where once again, I long to be.

Now, in that water, fish appear,

And other lovely creatures near.

Anemones, like chubby flowers:

Blossoms, clumps and flimsy towers.

Fish all around, of every hue;

I’m watching them, they’re watching too.

And then, though he’s more shy than us,

Just visible waits an Octopus,

He’s bumpy, and blendy, and seeming to stalk.

Soft as anemone, yet tough as a rock,

With eyes so large which look so wise

He’s huddled, as though to surprise

The crabs, and lobsters, and shellfish;

To live alone is all they wish.

But they are now, unknown, the prey;

The octopus will eat, this day.

And then, returning to the shore,

Fish in my swimsuit as before,

I rise up, with the moon so white;

We both eat from the sea, tonight.


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