Happy Wednesday, on Tuesday

This is my notification to all of you:  I am going to shut off the blog after this  post, and leave it alone for the next day and a half.  I believe my readers know that I write a lot.  Well, I often do that at the expense of sleep, and end up in my bug-infested hallucination, as I did last night.  I need very badly to reorient my mind and my spirit.

So, you may have emails in my inbox, telling me about posts.  I’m making a file for them, and emptying them into it.  I will have a mountain of emails to check and currents to follow in my mind, so I may not get to these emails ever.  If, for whatever reason, you hope to hear what I think about something, please write attention in the subject line.

So I am wishing all of my readers who are American, Happy Independence Day, and to my readers from around the world, including those who may not give a split shit about the 4th of July is, a beautiful Wednesday.  I’ll be back!


5 responses to “Happy Wednesday, on Tuesday

  1. Such a grand idea my friend. I hope I am not to late for you to see this before shutting down. I want to wish the very best for this holiday, no matter what you may be doing that you are do so because its where you want to be.
    I shut down every year for christmas for the same reasons, from Christmas Eve through Boxing Day my laptop is shut down and set out of site. I think its really important we all do this once in awhile.I am doing it more and more by daily shut downs. Never even opening the laptop all day. Kind of nice, very freeing.

    I have to tell you that your loving advice to Halfwaybetweenthe gutter was just excellent! Of all the messages left her, all the support and thoughts, yours was the very best. Includung mine. I am just so impressed with your wisdom sometimes that it touches me so deep its hard to share. Just know how much I adore you. And……

    Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!

    • Thanks, my dear friend BB — I swore I wasn’t going to do this, but I was online to pay some bills, and I decided to check notifications. The advice I gave to HBTGATS is advice that was passed on to me, when I was in the same boat she is now. I think this is how it’s supposed to work — passing along the things that worked! I love you too, my blogsister — you are a great big ray of sunshine every day for me!. We are very lucky!

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