A new day dawns for my laundry and me

I have developed a new relationship with my laundry.  Here’s a post about my relationship with my laundry up until this afternoon. Here’s a reprise:

For most of my adult life, laundry has been the chore I just couldn’t stand to do.  Over the years, I have come to have a good, strong hate for doing laundry.  (And before anyone says anything, I am absolutely aware of how selfish an attitude that is, and that I should be grateful to have laundry to wash, and clean water to use.  I am grateful.  No excuses.)

I would procrastinate;  I let others do it for me.  I even took a couple of trash bags  of dirty laundry to the laundromat, and had them wash, dry, and fold.  I let my laundry pile up in my bedroom until I needed a sherpa to get over it.

Until today.  A little background:  I am usually extremely low on funds during the last week of the month.  Came time to do the laundry from the week before, and I realized:  no quarters, no laundry.  I let my clothes wait.  I have hampers now, so no more Mount Laundry.  Finally, I remembered today to buy quarters.

So I have three weeks worth of dirty laundry.  I sorted all my sheets and towels, and a load of shorts and tops.  The rest I left in a pile on the floor.  I went downstairs to the laundry room in my building, waited a while for the machines, and loaded my stuff.  I’d brought a book downstairs, but I got into a conversation with some neighbors.

My laundry was then ready to go in the dryer.  I read my book, and chatted with more neighbors, until my stuff was dry.  And that’s when the change happened.

As I folded my clothes, and happily folded clean sheets and towels — Hooray — I realized that in two hours, I dealt with more than a week’s worth of clothes. No strain; the only chore about it was deciding what to wash and what to leave.  I  enjoyed the community room, where someone thoughtfully set the A/C on Freeze; I read more of my book than I ever read before I fall asleep; suddenly, laundry was not too tough.

Two hours a week, instead of two more sessions like today to catch up.  So, my laundry and I understand each other, now.  I will wash my clothes when they require washing, not let them collect. A new day for me, I guarantee.


6 responses to “A new day dawns for my laundry and me

  1. Hooray for Judith!! I love it when we find ways to move past those mountains, or turn them into molehills. This is one thing we do not have in common. I like doing laundry and love folding clothes. I find it relaxing. I know the building laundry room. It can be a place to meet up with neighbors I other wise never saw. That was in Seattle, my only experience in living in a high rise downtown. It wa a good cluture shock for me.
    Country girl goes big city.

    • Funny — I love to iron clothes, and always have. My dad’s Air Force uniform shirts had to be very precisely ironed. I loved following each step, and eventually I came to love ironing anything. Laundry is so much easier — not because I like it more, but because I like not doing less. Same as when I quit smoking. So we’re fraternal blog-twins, not identical — oh, well!

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