This beautiful, blasted heat!

Hot.  Steamy, muggy heat.  Scorching, blasting, roasting, burning heat.  People hide from this kind of heat.

But think of where we’ll be in five months.  When we are buried to our butts in snow and ice, mourning another day below 0℉, and zipping up our snow pants so we can shovel all afternoon, we will recall fondly this heat.

We’ll agree that spring must be coming, and the world will warm up.  We’ll forget that blasted heat.  Rarely, when humans consider weather, do we stop to enjoy what we have right now:  the hot, stifling, humid, oppressive, almost unbearable heat; the snowy, frozen, bitter, cold.  I sit outside, sometime during each day, and inhale the heat. Otherwise, I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Muggy, stinky heat.

Why can’t this heat go away?

Soon, too soon, it will.


11 responses to “This beautiful, blasted heat!

  1. We are just now seeing some actual how weather. Our spring and summer both have been really weird this year. I’m not a fan of the heat, it makes me feel really awful. So AC room like an igloo is where I’ll be. I worry about the thinder and lightening we’ll get now in the evenings, and the wild fires will start popping up here.God forbid.

    [deep sigh]…I’m actually looking forward to mounds of snow and ice.

    • I hope you are spared the wildfires that have destroyed so much of Colorado. I used to fight fire there, out on the plains just east of Colorado Springs, which is being consumed. I will wish for cooler weather for you, and no more T and L. 😎

  2. At 6:45 p.m., it’s exactly 100 degrees here in the Kansas City area. It was 104 earlier today; supposed to be 106 tomorrow. I’m not enjoying it.

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