Share Your World — Week #31

Share Your World

Today is Week #31 of Share Your World, a challenge which is offered by Cee, from Cee’s Life Photography  Also, follow this link to Cee’s other blog, Chronic Illness Champions.  Good questions this week, Cee!

  1. Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneous (for example if you are visiting a big city you don’t know?) I think of myself as spontaneous,sp but as I’ve gotten older, I want more and more structure of any kind.
  2. If you could live in any OTHER time, when would it be and why? I would choose a time about fifty years after diabetes has been cured, so all the kinks have been worked out.  Of course, I would choose any future time over any past time.  I so would love to live during an epoch of real space travel, and to get to the moon.
  3. Do you prefer reading short stories or novels?  For pleasure, I prefer novels.  But if I want to learn something about how the author thinks, I look for any short stories he or she has written.  They are a microcosm of an author’s style.
  4. As a kid was there any kind of candy that you didn’t like to get?  I have never liked black licorice, and I remember that from 8 or 9 years old.  I still can’t stand it, and will do intensive study on any dark-colored Jelly Belly before I eat it.

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